Savior of Credit Reports – Keith Middlebrook

There are hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone who are under in financial distress.  While some are fortunate enough to recover or their own or with the help of close family and friends, there are many who can never get out of that financial rut.  Their credit report begins to feature many negative listings, and it becomes one vicious circle because they cannot get out.  There exist many companies that will claim to help people in such situations, and although many of these are genuine, the rate at which they can do this work is very slow.  Keith Middlebrook offers superior credit cleaning services that are unlike what any other credit repair company can do.  It is no wonder he is called Fico 911.

Keith Middlebrook has been in this business for many years and has comprehensive knowledge of the finance and credit industry.  He has examined the way things work, and has used this information to help out many financially distressed individuals thereby saving many families from ruin. Fico Financial is an organization owned by Keith Middlebrook,  He is the chief consultant here, and one of the services he offers is Fico 911. This is a one of a kind, elite financial service.  It was designed keeping in mind the individual who is truly committed to unlocking their financial potential in the future.  A Fico score is perhaps one of the most crucial things in the consideration for whether or not a person will be approved or denied credit.

Although credit bureaus feel that negatives should be listed on credit reports for 7-10 years, this can be extremely damaging for the individual involved.  They can end up paying thousands upon thousands of dollars in increased interest.  Keith believes that while we can all make poor financial decisions in life, but we shouldn’t have to live with the consequences for so long.  That’s where he can help.  He has the ability to clean up negative listings from reports like no one else can.  If you need help cleaning up your credit report, and want to create seasoned professional and personal portfolios with no derogatories, then you need to call Keith Middlebrook.  Visit for more information.

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