Dr. Mohannad Barakat Works For The Betterment Of The Society

Dr. Mohannad Barakat is heavily involved in politics and campaigning for human rights. He plays a vital role in organizing campaigns, petitions and marches. Running a political campaign is quite one of the most exhaustive and stressful endeavors one can engage in. He makes sure that the campaign is effective and right audience is targeted. With his excellent interpersonal and communication skills, he educates people on some of the important issues facing the society. He encourages them to come out of their homes and join the campaigns to make them successful. He keeps himself educated and updated about recent issues and easily connect to people to help them in such critical time.

Dr. Mohannad Barakat dedicatedly makes efforts to fight for human rights. He is aimed at ensuring that none is deprived of his/her rights. He continues to provide complete support to the right politics and the fulfillment of human rights issues. His campaigns and marches are a constant reminder for the global need of cooperation, support and unity. He knows the know-how of professional political consulting to small and mid-sized campaigns. He understands the strategies that help campaigning win. He is working to make this society a better place to live in where everyone enjoys his/her human rights. He also supports a number of humanitarian causes working for the betterment of the society. Some of these include Cancer Research and Help The Aged.

Dr. Mohannad Barakat also runs and owns several enterprises and firms such as legal companies, administrative companies and delivery companies. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and performs his job responsibilities with complete dedication. He has been involved in working for multiple oil companies like TOTAL, ADNOC and BP. He is involved in their strategic planning, product management and sales. For his hard work and commitment, he has received multiple awards in these fields. He is a respected member of the community and has won respect and appreciation from the clients for his work.

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