Dr. Mohannad Barakat Dedicatedly Works For Fulfillment of Human Rights Issues

Dr. Mohannad Barakat is heavily involved in the field of politics. He has organized several campaigns, petitions and marches. He is an honest person and works towards the betterment of the society. He utilizes his strong interpersonal skills to encourage people to attend these campaigns. His campaigns focus on an important area of human rights protection. He spreads awareness among the common people about their rights and how they can fight for their fulfillment. He believes that no one should suffer unlawful discrimination and should be supported to reach their potential. He dedicatedly works to protect human rights that cover economic, social, cultural, civil as well as political rights.

A leader, Dr. Mohannad Barakat guides people towards the right direction of humanity and peace. He makes them aware about their rights and how to claim them. He utilizes latest social networking platforms to contribute towards peace building and peace making by spreading awareness about human rights. He works to ensure fulfillment of human rights issues. There can be many instances when human rights can be violated. Many people are deprived of their rights due to lack of knowledge and education about their rights and the direction to fight for them. He works to spread awareness among the public and encourages them to be a part of his campaigns. These campaigns, marches etc are a great way to fight against human rights violations.

Dr. Mohannad Barakat GMC has long been associated with politics and continues to provide full support to the right politics. He loves socializing with people and makes them educated on several useful aspects of human rights issues. He is a respected individual in the political sector. He likes music and going out with friends. He is also fond of basketball, volleyball and tennis. He is often consulted by young players for his useful tips and advice about their performance. He also likes cycling and cricket. Traveling is other hobby which he pursues with great passion.

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