Dr. Mohannad Barakat GMC Is A Vision-oriented Professional

Dr. Mohannad Barakat is a successful entrepreneur who runs and owns several enterprises and firms. Some of them include legal companies, administrative companies and delivery companies. He is an optimistic person who always look at the bright side of the situation and does not give up easily in difficult times. He has the expertise and the experience to manage his vast businesses. His understanding combined with his managerial skills help him to achieve desired goals. His companies have multiple branches all over the world and are involved in medical and legal scenarios. These are well staffed and maintained with special emphasis on quality, trust, ethics and responsibility. He keeps his team members well aware about the market scenario so as to make better and informed decision.

His hard work, passion and dedication towards his responsibilities are his core strengths. Dr. Mohannad Barakat identifies business opportunities and works to bring the best in his employees. He has been involved in working for multiple oil companies such as TOTAL, ADNOC and BP. He is working in the field of strategic planning, project management and sales. For his dedicated efforts, he has been awarded with multiple awards in these fields. He has a continuous urge to achieve new heights of success in the competitive market sector. In his career, he has gained wide experiences in the business sector across a range of industries.

A born leader, Dr. Mohannad Barakat GMC has won great appreciation from his colleagues, and clients for his leadership skills. He has the vision to identify business opportunities and effectively avail them to yield good profits. His companies are making new records of success and he is continuously working hard to offer better quality services to the clients. He ensures that quality is not compromised at any stage and provides durable products to customers. He also contributes towards the social good and supports a number of charitable organizations. He contributes towards five charities like Cancer Research and Help The Aged. Youngsters look upon him as a source of inspiration.

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