Dr. Mohannad Barakat Gives Useful Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Dr. Mohannad Barakat runs and owns several enterprises and firms such as legal companies, administrative companies and delivery companies. He is known for his excellent entrepreneurial skills and he shares useful suggestions for novice businessmen. He says that business skills like leadership skills, people skills, and time management skills are important for the success of any entrepreneur. One should plan effectively when starting a new business. Good planning should be able to forecast and foresee the changing market conditions and adopt suitable strategies to take advantage of them. You should have the skills that allow you to conceive, launch and grow new products, services or companies. You must focus on goals to ensure that they are reached, customers are satisfied, and employees are motivated. Entrepreneurs have a vision of where they want their company to be in future, says Dr. Barakat.

A seasoned professional, Dr. Mohannad Barakat has been involved in working for multiple oil companies such as TOTAL, ADNOC and BP. He has worked in the areas of strategic planning, product management and sales. The companies with which he has worked have branches all over the world and are involved in medical and legal scenarios. These are well staffed and maintained with emphasis on quality, trust, ethics and responsibility. He utilizes his management skills to effectively manage his teams and achieve desired goals. He has skills in areas such as recruitment, team building, motivating and health and safety requirements for employees. His knowledge of these skills helps him to build a team of motivated employees working for the success of his enterprises.

Dr. Mohannad Barakat has received multiple awards in his career. He has earned appreciation from his colleagues and clients for his dedicated efforts towards serving customers with the best products and services. He suggests novice entrepreneurs to understand that the world and the environment in which they operate are changing constantly and thus the planning should also be flexible. You should adapt your strategies to meet varying market conditions, adds Dr. Mohannad Barakat.

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