Dr. Mohannad Barakat GMC Is A Visionary Businessman

Dr. Mohannad Barakat GMC is a successful entrepreneur with years of experience backing him. He has the ability to foresee things in a positive manner and thinking outside the box. He suggests budding entrepreneurs to develop required skills for managing and running a business enterprise. He says that one must have an inner passion for business so as to maintain your enthusiasm and interest in the business. When you have the right drive and passion, you can comfortably run the business for a long time. Also, you have to be honest and trustworthy so that you can develop good will. He says that having the ability to come up with creative ideas can help you each day. Creativity is the sole domain of arts but is also important in any field, ranging from medicine to business, and from engineering to economics.

He says that the first and foremost thing you need to plan well for a successful enterprise is an aim. Entrepreneurial skills come from the desire to achieve big and reach a position no matter how difficult the circumstances are. He talks about the responsibilities of an entrepreneur which include planning, organizing, staffing and controlling. In addition to this, one needs to be an excellent communicator. Good communication is needed to deal with all kinds of individuals, from employees, clients, investors and many others. He suggests that if you want to organize your business properly, you need to be a good and rational manager. Entrepreneurship is all about exhibiting one’s vision, taking action, and pursuing that vision as a goal to achieve.

Dr. Mohannad Barakat GMC runs and owns several enterprises and firms such as legal companies, administrative companies and delivery companies. These companies have multiple branches all over the world and these are heavily involved in medical and legal scenarios. They are well staffed and are maintained with an emphasis on quality, trust, ethics and responsibility. He has been involved in working for multiple oil companies to include TOTAL, ADNOC and BP. He has specialization in areas of strategic planning, product management and sales. For his dedicated efforts, he has received awards in those fields. Many young entrepreneurs look upon him as a source of inspiration.

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