Mohannad Barakat – An Internationally Recognized Businessman

Mohannad Barakat is a seasoned professional with excellent managerial skills. He has been involved in working for multiple oil companies such as TOTAL, ADNOC and BP. TOTAL is a leading energy player at an international level and has facilities located in various regions of the world. The company combines performance and responsibility in an integrated business model to responsibly enable as many as people as possible to access energy in a world of constantly growing demand. Mr. Barakat has been involved in the areas of strategic planning, product management and sales. ADNOC is another company with which he has worked and received much appreciation and awards for his dedicated efforts. ADNOC operates in all areas of the oil and gas industry and is among the top ten oil and gas companies in the world.

An enthusiast professional, Mohannad Barakat works with dedication to achieve desired objectives. He runs and owns several enterprises and firms such as legal companies, administrative companies and delivery companies. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and is often consulted by like-minded professionals for his pertinent advice. He pays special importance to satisfying the needs of every client. He has excellent team management skills and encourages his team members towards achievements of common goals. He is an optimistic personality and always inspires others to perform at the best of their abilities. His presence creates positive vibes in any work environment. He commits himself towards protecting clients’ assets in the best manner.

Barakat, in addition to performing his professional responsibilities, also pursue some of the activities as his hobbies. He likes fishing and regularly goes for fishing, diving and snorkeling. His favorite fish is swordfish, which is very difficult to catch. He also likes water skiing and kite surfing and goes for these activities twice a year.

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