Mohannad Barakat Has Excellent Culinary Skills

Mohannad Barakat is a cooking enthusiast with great interest in learning and experiencing new delights from the Asian, middle Eastern and European cuisines. He says that cooking is an art that directly connects to the heart and learning such art is distinct in itself. He feels that the easiest and best way is to sign up for a cooking class. One can also refer to some cookery books as well as TV shows that involve a wide variety of recipes. He started loving the creativity and excitement of the culinary world at a young age and with passage of time, he has taken his culinary abilities to an advanced level. He has been on multiple courses and TV events that involve cooking and tasting.

His cooking approach is to add fresh and healthy ingredients to his recipes. He mentions that good cooking is a perfect blend of best ingredients that are pleasing for senses even when it is a simple dish. The right pairing of ingredients form the basis for creating scrumptious cuisines and it also makes cooking easy and quick, adds Mohannad Barakat. According to him, food brings people together and forms as a great bonding agent. He often hosts parties with his friends and family members as a way to thank them for the support they have given him all through all stages of life.

Mohannad Barakat pursues his hobby of cooking food with great passion and continues to experiment with his dishes to add a unique and distinct flavor, while remaining the essence of dishes. He loves to try new and innovative cuisines using his excellent culinary knowledge and skills. His culinary creations are appraised by all.  He also suggests and shares his cooking secrets with friends and offers them to be a part of this fun on family gatherings. He continues to expand his horizons and learns about new cuisines.

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