Mohannad Barakat Is Passionate About Mountain Climbing

Mohannad Barakat loves the exciting, exhilarating and rewarding experience of mountain climbing. He says that some consider mountain climbing as an extreme sport, while for others it is simple an exciting pastime that offer the ultimate challenge of strength and endurance. He has been involved in several great climbs such as Everest mountains, the alps and the anders. He suggests some useful tips for those who are new to mountain climbing. He says that one should do comprehensive research even before you set out to climb mountains. It is vital to understand the mental effort that is required to climb a mountain. You should gather as much information as you can such as skilled needed and about other people’s experiences. You can also read out some good books that are specifically devoted to the craft of mountain climbing. He says that a lot of mountain climbing is all about your mental attitude and thus, you are required to make sound and fast judgments about conditions and directions. Mohannad Barakat believes that you can enjoy mountain climbing to the fullest extent when you have good fitness and endurance skills.

He suggests that one should do proper planning and carry adequate equipment to enjoy a safe and pleasing mountain climbing experience. It can be highly dangerous, when the climber is out of his/her depth. Mountain climbing is an intensely demanding physical activity and thus you should train for fitness and strength in ways that benefit you best. One can go for running, walking and hiking, weightlifting, climbing practice or skiing and snowboarding to improve your fitness levels. Mountain gear is absolutely essential and you can buy your own equipment or can hire it. Mohannad Barakat says that as many mountains are located in remote areas and your climbing can have an impact on local environment. You should learn about mountaineering ethics. His suggestions include climb in group and with experienced climbers.

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