Mohannad Barakat Is Passionate About His Role As A Basketball Coach

Mohannad Barakat is a highly qualified surgeon who takes active part in several sports to keep himself fit. His work as a surgeon is very demanding, giving him very less time for extra activities so when possible he enjoys practicing his basketball skills. He also loves playing football and volleyball as well. He is a great coach, and his guidance has helped his teams ensure they always come out on the winning end. He teaches them important strategies and provides helpful tips to win the game. He also focuses on good physical and mental strength as basketball is a very active game that requires a lot of movement. He works hard with his team to perfect their fundamental skills such as passing, catching, shooting, and basic footwork to master the game as a pro.

Mohannad Barakat feels that it is a must for players in any field to improve their basic skills to reach a new level in the game. He offers extensive training sessions that help to bring out the best skills of his team so that they do their best in every game. As a coach he also works on their ball handling, defensive, and shooting skills so that they can manage the game pressure with ease. He is the national coach of the team and tours with them yearly. He also got a chance to become a referee in many games. He offers guidance and coaching to teammates, teaching them the necessary techniques and tips to improve the game. From the form of the game, technique, or the gear he is consulted by players for his expert opinion. He has great playing skills that are appreciated by many experienced players.

Mohannad Barakat gives his hundred percent in every task he takes up, no matter it is on the professional or personal level. He offers the best treatment to his patients so that his patients get well soon and heal faster physically and mentally. When in the field playing the game or coaching his team, he puts in all his efforts so that his team gives their best in any match they play.

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