Mohannad Barakat Loves Participating In Extreme Adventure Sports Such As Water Surfing

Mohannad Barakat actively participates in several sporting activities. He has a great interest in water skiing and does it twice a year. He has travelled to various places around the globe to try a hand at water skiing and kite surfing. He loves travelling and meeting new people, and this sport offers a great opportunity for him to explore new places and enjoy the waters. He is a true thrill seeker, and enjoys trying new things. Kite surfing has been the latest addition to his list of sports, although it is a serious sport, but he makes sure that he does it under proper supervision and extreme care. Owing to his busy schedule he does not get time, but when he does he gives his 100 percent to it. He loves water skiing with his friends as it gives him a chance to spend quality time with them.

Mohannad Barakat is a well known trauma, spine, and orthopedic surgeon who has offered his proficient services as a doctor. He has been in this profession for many years, and has offered his passionate and caring service to his patients. His work keeps him busy all the time, and that makes it very difficult for him to spend time with his family. Keeping that in mind, when he is not busy treating patients he plans a holiday with his family. This way he gets a chance to be with his parents and get over the work related stress, so that he can start with a refreshed mind.

Mohannad Barakat enjoys water skiing a lot as he feels it’s a great way to de-stress. It is a thrilling sport that tests one’s endurance and strength to the maximum. Although he uses the proper safety equipment and has taken complete training of this sport, he still takes extra precaution while doing water skiing. He advises beginners and amateurs to get proper training, use recommended safety equipment before attempting this sport. He has years of experience in this and mentored many young players in this extreme adventure sport.

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