Mohannad Barakat Is A Dedicated Sports Coach

Mohannad Barakat is an avid sportsperson, who loves to play football, basketball, volleyball, and many other outdoor games. A national coach and referee by profession, he considers himself lucky to be paid for sports that he likes. He tours yearly with his team to assist the players during their regular practice sessions. Over the years, he has won many accolades for his high degree of expertise in sports. Apart from helping players to hone their skills, he also plays the role of a motivator by encouraging them to improve their performance.

Mohannad Barakat takes his job very seriously and spares no effort to maximize the performance of the players. He thoroughly evaluates their performance and provides right feedback to make sure they work harder on their weaknesses. Having worked as a sports coach for so many years, he is able to quickly identify areas of improvement in any player. He also knows how to rightly give negative feedback to the players in a way that does not discourage them. He smartly balances criticism with motivation and positive comments. He is known to communicate instructions in a clear and simple language, which makes it extremely easy for the players to follow his instructions. Due to his dedication and sincere efforts to bring out the best in his players, he is a role model for many sports enthusiasts.

Being a fitness freak, Mohannad Barakat undertakes private training in order to maintain a high standard of fitness and he also takes part in numerous sporting competitions. He has a special interest in sports psychology and sports nutrition. Whenever he gets time out of his busy schedule, he reads sports magazines and attends seminars to improve his knowledge of everything related to sports and fitness. There are a few more activities that keep him occupied such as fishing, snorkeling, water skiing, and diving. He is also an avid golfer and travels all around the world to play golf tournaments.

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