Mohannad Barakat Is A Cooking Enthusiast

Mohannad Barakat is a passionate cook, who always to strives to improve his culinary skills. He likes to learn as well as experience new delights from the Asian, Middle Eastern, and European cuisines. No matter how busy he is, he always manages to take out time for trying new recipes and add a hint of his innovation to them. Barakat started cooking at a young age and was popular among friends for adding unique twists in even the most boring dishes. His family was aware for his passion for cooking and always encouraged him to hone his culinary skills.

Till now, Mohannad Barakat has also been on multiples courses and TV events, which involve cooking and tasting. He has even read a number of books based on cooking and learnt a variety of cooking techniques, innovative recipes, and a lot more. Barakat follows fresh, innovative approach to cooking and tries to keep a recipe as healthy as possible. He adds fresh, nutritious, and healthy ingredients to the recipes to make sure that they do not pose any harm to the health. He pays great attention to the presentation of whatever he prepares in his kitchen and believes that even a simple dish can work wonders in impressing the guests if it is presented in a tempting way.

Besides being a cooking enthusiast, Mohannad Barakat is a big foodie. He often hosts dinner parties or calls his friends over for a nice brunch, lunch, or supper. He considers food as a great way to bring people together and share light moments with those you are important in your life. He keeps experimenting with his dishes and adds a distinct flavor to them. To the budding chefs or people who want to learn a variety of cuisines, he advises joining cookery classes, read food blogs, and recipe books. He has won great appreciation from his friends and family members for his excellent cooking skills and the continuous desire to learn new and innovative recipes.

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