Dr. Mohannad Barakat is A Skilled Trauma and Spinal Surgeon

Dr. Mohannad Barakat is a well known surgeon who has years of experience in the field of orthopedics, spinal surgery and trauma. He is skilled in every aspect of trauma surgery, whether it is a simple operation or a complex one. Since he started his medical career, Dr. Barakat has performed a number of critical surgeries, which include:

•    Trauma surgeries
•    Hip fracture
•    Long bone fractures
•    Frame ring fixation and external fixation for fractures
•    Ankle fractures
•    All paediatric fractures
•    All types of hand and knee fractures
•    Humeral fractures and several other surgeries

His elective surgery expertise comprises:
•    Spine Canal Decompression
•    Spinem Microdiscectomy
•    Carpal Tunnel Release
•    Wrist Arthroscopy
•    Trigger Finger Discharge
•    Cubital Tunnel Decompression and a few others.

Dr. Barakat is also well known for carrying out spinal operations with incredible success. In addition to this, Barakat has also written many books in collaboration with other authors. These publications cover significant phases in spinal surgery, trauma and orthopedic. His some of the published works include An Early Comparison Of Clinical And Mechanical Aspects Of Hybrid And Uncemented Hip Resurfacing; Multi Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Decompression-Midterm Outcome Using A Modified Hinge Osteotomy Technique; Leg Length And Offset Following Hip Resurfacing And Hip Replacement; Bilateral Hip Reconstruction In Severe Whole Body Cerebral Palsy-Ten Year Follow Up Results and others.

During free time, Mohannad Barakat loves to play volleyball, football, basketball, cricket and tennis as well.  Moreover, he never leaves a chance to travel different places. He can also speak English and French fluently.

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