Mohannad Barakat GMC Is an Intellectual Business Leader with Outstanding Skills

Dr. Mohannad Barakat is an enthusiastic businessman with amazing leadership qualities. He is the owner of a number of firms and enterprises, for instance, administrative companies, delivery companies and legal firms. These establishments have numerous branches across the globe, which deal with legal and medical domains. The versatile personality and thorough knowledge about industry assist Dr. Barakat to carry out his responsibilities successfully.

Dr. Barakat is a competent industrialist with several years of expertise. He has incredible imaginative power that helps him to stand out from the crowd. He believes that a businessman should have the zeal to do something different so that he can maintain interest and enthusiasm in his business. Only passion and specific drive can help an entrepreneur to run an establishment smoothly for a long time.

Mohannad Barakat GMC says that the skills to rule the world comes from the desire to attain something big and to reach that position which others have never dreamt of. A person should never lose his or her hope and keep on striving hard despite of how difficult the situations are. Dr. Barakat states that one must be very honest towards his or her business.  Planning, staffing, organizing and controlling are a few of the responsibilities that a businessman has to take care of.

Dr. Barakat is a wonderful communicator who thinks that good communication is required to manage every kind of individual ranging from clients, dealers, employees and several others. If someone wants to organize his or her business properly, that person must be a rational boss who can understand the needs of the employees. Owing to his skills and proficiency, Dr. Barakat has always received admiration from his seniors and clientele. He strives hard to assist organizations to achieve their business goals.

Mohannad Barakat has worked with BP, TOTAL and ADNOC where he used to handle sales, product management, and strategic planning departments.  He has received numerous awards in these fields. In addition to work effortlessly, Dr. Barakat also enjoys playing tennis, football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, and travelling as well. He also likes listening to music and is a member of a band.

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