Mohannad Barakat Is An Enthusiastic Adventure Lover

Mohannad Barakat is a reputed trauma and orthopedic surgeon who has offered his adept services as a doctor. Being in this profession for many years, he has gained expertise as a devoted surgeon. He has offered his passionate and caring services to his patients thus proves that he dedicated his career to a health care industry. Working as a surgeon and performing numerous surgeries in a day keep him busy for long hours which make it quite difficult for him to take out some time for his family or hobbies. But whenever he gets some leisure time, he without wasting it enjoys it to the fullest and devotes his full energy and passion towards it.

When asked him about his passion towards his hobbies and interest, he said “My hobbies keep me alive and energetic and I believe they are a complete stress reliever. This makes me do my work with a refreshed mind and full dedication.” Mohannad Barakat enjoys water skiing the most and feels that it’s a great way to de-stress. He does this sports activity twice a year. He has travelled to various countries and never left an opportunity to try water skiing and kite surfing. Being a true thrill seeker, he has also been involved in several great climbs such as Mt. Everest, The Alps and The Anders. Sometimes, he also takes keen interest in fishing, diving and snorkeling. His favorite fish is swordfish which is very difficult to catch.

Mohannad Barakat advises young enthusiasts and adventure lovers to always use safety equipment while doing any activity. He also recommends that amateur sports person should always perform these activities under proper guidance or after taking training. Living his life to the fullest, he always try some new adventure activity at new place to test his endurance and strength. As a passionate personality, he also likes travelling, socializing, cooking and many other activities that keep him energetic and alive.

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