Mohannad Barakat GMC Is Involved In Various Social Activities

Mohannad Barakat GMC is one of the finest Trauma, Spine and Orthopedic surgeons with over 10 years of experience. Among his patients, he is known as the true savior of life as he has given successful results to every surgery he performed. Till now, he has performed numerous surgeries in his career. But, being a dedicated health care professional he also devotes his time in fulfilling his social responsibilities. He is heavily involved in politics and campaigning for human rights in organizing various campaigns, petitions and marches. He provided full support to the right and honest politics for the fulfillment of human rights issues.

In addition to his involvement in politics, Mohannad Barakat likes to visit many cultures as he has keen interest in learning about different religions and customs ranging from Buddhist teachings to the various Hindu customs. He has travelled to many countries to learn and know about different religions. He has exceptional communication skills which make him smart enough to fight for people’s rights and make them aware about it.  He believes that lack of knowledge and awareness makes most people deprive of their rights so he strives hard to encourage public by attending campaigns and know useful insights. Over the years, he has also organized many campaigns and influenced the decision making power of public in most instances.

Mohannad Barakat GMC is known for his involvement in different activities and his proficiency in handling them with perfection and enthusiasm. He always keeps a positive outlook towards his life. Other than this, he is also a successful businessman with a host of legal, administrative, and delivery companies. He has worked for several oil companies including TOTAL and BP. He is also a social activist and contributes to five charities, and contributes some part of his earnings towards them. Those charities include old age and cancer research.

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