Mohannad Barakat Gives Some Beneficial Tips on Fishing

Mohannad Barakat is a Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeon who has performed numerous Trauma and Elective surgeries in his career span of ten years. He has been offering his proficient services as a doctor and handled many surgeries of spine, neck, and shoulders on his own and was successful in giving them positive outcome. Having earned a notable recognition as a proficient Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeon, he equally enjoys his personal life with his family and friends.

He enjoys spending his leisure time for his hobbies and interest as much as he enjoys his profession as a Surgeon. Mohannad Barakat is interested in fishing, and regularly goes for fishing, diving and snorkeling. He enjoys these outdoor activities with his friends and family. As he has quite good experience in fishing so he gives some handful tips:

  • You should pay attention from the condition of your fishing line to the sharpness of your hooks, all of your gear should be in good condition with live bait.
  • Use ultra light rods and reels winded with light lines.
  • Be as fresh as possible.
  • Make sure that your hands are free of unnatural odors. Put some handful dirt on your hands to avoid unexpected bites.
  • To catch more fish, clearly observe the feeding behavior of fish at the most opportune times.

If you consider these fishing tips sooner, rather than later, you will definitely experience much more fishing success.  Mohannad Barakat v Gmc says, “When it comes to fishing, the word “art” shouldn’t only be used but the proper “technique” is also important to catch a fish. He likes catching swordfish which is quite difficult to catch because swordfish weighs on average 100 pounds and many times they won’t bite bait trolled past them as they mostly live down to depths of 2000 feet or more in the sea.  He suggests late summer is a great time to target swordfish because of the consistency to the weather and seas.

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