Mohannad Barakat Has A Long List Of Hobbies And Interests

Mohannad Barakat is a medical professional who has earned a reputed image in the healthcare industry. He is a highly experienced Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon. Other than being a proficient surgeon, he is man of different talents and always gets himself involved in some or the other enthralling activities. Living his life to the fullest, he has number of hobbies and interest. Take a look at some of his interest and activities:

  • He is a singer, song writer and also sings music in the pop and rock genre.
  • Being an enthusiastic adventure lover, he has been involved in several great climbs such as Everest Mountains, The Alps and The Anders.
  • He is also a great cook with an experimental nature. He learns and experience new delights of multiple cuisines like Asian, Middle Eastern and European cuisines. He has also been on multiple courses and TV events that involve cooking and tasting.
  • He has also visited many cultures to learn about their religions and customs. He has the knowledge of Buddhist teaching and Hindu customs.
  • He is also a sports player who plays football, basketball and volleyball. He is also a national coach and referee and tour with his team yearly.
  • He plays a lot of golf and travelled the world to play different golf tournaments. Sometimes, he also played with great players and won over them from the ATP rating.
  • He likes fishing and regularly goes for fishing, diving and snorkeling. His favorite fish is swordfish which is quite difficult to catch.
  • He likes water skiing and performs this activity twice a year along with kite surfing.
  • He is also involved in setting up, organizing and participating in the life campaigns.

As an evident above, the aforementioned activities clearly depicts that Mohannad Barakat is a man who has long list of hobbies and interests. He gives equal time to his professional as well as to his personal life thus, it leaves no question mark on the lively personality he carries.

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