Mohannad Barakat v GMC Offers Some Beginner Tips For Playing Golf

Mohannad Barakat is a Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon who is well respected in the healthcare industry due to his dedication and expertise. He enjoys his profession as a Surgeon but that doesn’t mean he never takes out time for any recreational activities. He enjoys spending his leisure time for his hobbies and interests which he says works wonders to keep him stress free and focused. He likes listening music, going out, drinking, socializing, playing basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, rugby, cricket, cycling, travelling. He is also a great cook and a part of band. He is also an avid player of golf and plays this game a lot.

Mohannad Barakat V GMC says, “Golf can be a difficult sport to master but by practicing it eventually and learning some proper techniques can make you play like a pro.” Although, you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy golf, here are some beginner tips clearly offered by Mohannad Barakat. Have a look at some of them:

The most important one is to go out on the course and practicing, learn the basic steps by getting a proper tuition.
If have a chance, take a look at professional golfers and take a look at how they take shots.

Learn how to place your feet and your swing, this will help you to adapt your play in line and in your style.

Keep in mind the wind direction and speed while taking long swings and also take notice of where you are aiming.

Know about precise movements and also your surroundings because playing golf isn’t just about hitting the ball as hard as you can.

Decide the power of your putt and also how much curve you will put into it to adjust your body, feet and club to align with the hole.

Besides playing, he has also played many golf tournaments not only nationally but across the boundaries which shows that he is quite an experienced golf player.

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