Mohannad Barakat Has Climbed Mt. Everest, The Alps, And The Andes

Mohannad Barakat is a professional and highly experienced Trauma, Orthopedic surgeon who has performed hundreds of trauma and elective surgeries in his career. Whether it is a simple surgery or a complex one, he is proficient in performing all and with the successful outcomes. Like many other healthcare professionals, he performs his job with dedication and handles his responsibilities diligently. But, what makes him different from other healthcare professionals is his amazing involvement in his hobbies and interests. Although, he has a long list of hobbies, mountain climbing is the one that he is most passionate about. He is quite enthusiastic about mountain climbing as he has been involved in several great climbs such as that of the Everest Mountains, the Alps and the Anders.

Mohannad Barakat actively participates in adventure activities. He has travelled to many places where mountain climbing is famous and tried all of it. He is a lover of thrill adventure who loves to explore new destinations and meet new people. In addition to mountain climbing, he is also a fan of water surfing and kite surfing. Most of the activities he enjoys doing with his friends. While performing all these adventures, he does take care of all safety equipment and proper supervision. He recommends beginners to read safety measures and necessary equipment required before doing any adventure sport.

Owing to his busy schedule and daily appointments, whenever he gets free time, he spends that quality time in fulfilling his hobbies and interests. Mohannad Barakat says that taking part in your hobbies doesn’t let you feel stressful and tired. It will relieve all your worries and rejuvenate your mind and helps in achieving optimum physical and health well being. He is an experienced mountain climber who has also mentored many beginners by providing them safety measures and the appropriate usage of them. He believes that you can enjoy mountain climbing if you have good fitness and endurance skills.

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