Mohannad Barakat GMC Is A Successful Entrepreneur With Great Managerial Skills

Mohannad Barakat GMC is a highly experienced and expert Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon who has handled various surgeries proficiently. He has been serving healthcare industry from the last ten years with the best of his skills and abilities. Being an expert Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon, he is also a dedicated entrepreneur who runs and manages various enterprises. Over the years, he has earned exceptional managerial skills due to his involvement in various reputed organizations. By serving the variety of positions at different management companies, he has honed his knack of handling every kind of duty and responsibility.

Mohannad Barakat GMC is a lifelong entrepreneur and is also expert at giving pertinent advice to other professionals. In the 90’s he has served at Trade Center as a Sales Director. He has also worked in major oil companies like British Petroleum and TOTAL and ADNOC where he used to handle sales, product management, and strategic planning departments. He received many awards in the areas of product management and strategic planning. He has exceptional team management skills that encourage his team members towards achievement of common goal with the best of their efforts and dedication.

Performing with the best of his abilities, Mohannad Barakat GMC commits himself towards protecting client’s assets in the best manner. No doubt, he executes each of his task meticulously. But, the most interesting factor about him is that he is a man with different interest. He has left no field unfamiliar in his career. Same is the case with his hobbies and interest.  He enjoys playing tennis, football, cricket, volleyball, basketball, and travelling as well. He also likes listening to music and is a member of a band. He is also a adventure lover who has climbed Mt Everest, the Alps and the Andes.

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