Mohannad Barakat Is Actively Involved In Race For Life Campaigns

Mohannad Barakat is a well recognized and experienced Trauma, Spine and Orthopedic surgeon who has performed numerous trauma and elective surgeries since 2004. Due to his skills and abilities, he has made his remarkable presence in the healthcare industry serving patients suffered from spine, neck and shoulder problems. Other than being an expert healthcare professional, Dr. Barakat is a socialite who is heavily involved in race for life campaigns. This campaign is designed to be a “positive, proactive response to beating cancer.” He is basically in setting up the fundraising events for this campaign and encouraging people to support and learn how to beat cancer.
Mohannad Barakat contributes a major part of his earnings to five charities that includes old age homes and cancer research. He encourages public by attending race for life campaigns and knows useful insights. Over the years, he has also organized and participated in many life racing campaigns and influenced the people in joining the same. He has great communication skills which helps him to convey his message to reach the public in an effective manner. Being an active member of the society, he make sure that supporters realize that the funds raised from the event go towards research into curing all types of cancers, not just breast cancer or those that affect women, but every type of cancer.

Other than this, Mohannad Barakat is also interested in politics and campaigning for human rights organizing several campaigns, petitions and marches. Whenever needed, he provides his full support and puts his enthusiasm towards the fulfillment of such campaigns. While organizing, he handles any kind of task very meticulously. Every year, he looks for a fresh and innovative approach for fundraising because he considers it as a fun and rewarding way to attract and aware more and more people to join and contribute in the event.

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