Mohannad Barakat Is Fond Of Trying New Dishes Of Different Cuisines

Mohannad Barakat is a proficient Trauma, Spine and Orthopedic surgeon who is performing all kinds of minor and major surgeries from the last ten years. Though, he is a busy surgeon, he seizes all opportunities to enjoy his life. He has a long list of hobbies and interests like mountain climbing, water skiing, playing football, basketball, golf, volleyball, organizing life campaigns, learning new cultures, cooking where he puts all his efforts to enjoy all of them. Out of all these hobbies, the most one he enjoys is cooking. He is a great cook and likes to experiment with recipes of many countries in Asia, Middle East and Europe.
Mohannad Barakat does not restrict himself to making normal dishes; rather he is fond of trying different dishes of different cuisines but watching various cookery shows. With the talent and skills he possesses in cooking, he has been appeared in many multiple courses and TV events where he presented many luscious dishes. From the childhood days, he started taking interest in cooking and due to this excitement of the culinary world, he took his interest to a advanced level. He is famous among his friends for adding the extra creativity and excitement that pleases the senses even when it is a simple dish. He knows the knack of pairing ingredients to form the basis of creating scrumptious cuisines and it also makes cooking easy and quick.

According to Mohannad Barakat, adding fresh and healthy ingredients to any recipe can bring a new flavor to your dish. He has a great passion for cooking and his culinary creations are appraised by his friends and guests. He usually organizes get together for his colleagues and friends and prepares new and unique dishes every time. Being such a lively personality, he loves to try new and innovative cuisines using his excellent culinary knowledge and skills.

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