Mohannad Barakat Has Expertise In Performing Various Trauma And Elective Surgeries

Mohannad Barakat is a medical professional who specialises in Orthopedics and Trauma with a lot of experience and knowledge in ENT, Cardiothoracic Surgery, General Surgery and Emergency Medicine. He has received awards and honors in the areas of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, pathology, orthopedics and more. With special recognition in the healthcare field, he is expert at performing various Trauma and elective procedures which includes all emergency trauma surgeries, external fixation and frame ring fixation for fractures, all hand fracture surgeries, all knee fracture operations – open and arthroscopic, ankle fracture treatments, calcaneal / talus fracture treatments, midfoot / forefoot fracture surgeries, elbow and wrist / scaphoid fracture treatments, adult/pediatric spine infection treatments and others.

Not only this, he is also proficient in performing operations for long bone fractures such as open reduction and internal fixation with plating systems, and intra-medullary nail fixation; humeral fractures such as hemiarthroplasty; and tibia/fibula fractures – including pilon fractures. Being a skilled surgeon, Mohannad Barakat v GMC also performs various elective procedures with significant experience in spinal surgery. He has performed carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, duputryen’s contracture surgery, trapeziectomy, cubital tunnel decompression, wrist arthroscopy, arthroscopic +/- open shoulder decompression, arthroscopic +/- open shoulder acromio-clavicular excision, knee arthroscopy with or without meniscal repair/resection, spine microdiscectomy, and spine canal decompression.

Though Mohannad Barakat is a well renowned Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon, but whenever he gets free time, he enjoys doing his hobbies and interests. He loves to play volleyball, football, basketball, cricket and tennis as well. He is also an avid golfer and travels all around the world to play golf tournaments. Few more activities that keep him occupied such as fishing, snorkeling, water skiing, and diving. He also likes to travel to different places at weekends. He contributes to five charities that include cancer research and help the aged. He can also speak English and French fluently.


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