Mohannad Barakat GMC Participates In Different Adventure Activities

Mohannad Barakat is a well known Trauma and Orthopaedic who has a remarkable presence in the healthcare industry. He has great expertise over performing numerous surgeries to the patients from different walks of life. Working as a surgeon from the last ten years, he never compromised his hobbies and interests as he believes that investing your time in your hobbies can brings more dedication and perfection in your profession. Whenever he gets some leisure time out of his busy hours, he without wasting it enjoys it to the fullest and devotes his full energy and passion towards it.

Although, Mohannad Barakat v GMC has a long list of hobbies and interests like cooking, playing different sports, singing, organizing race life campaigns and many more but among them, his favorite is doing adventure sports. He believes that adventures keep him alive and energetic and they are a complete stress reliever. He enjoys water skiing the most and the other one is kite surfing. He has travelled many countries and never left even a single chance of doing any adventure sport. Being an enthusiastic thrill seeker, he has been involved in several great climbs such as Mt. Everest, The Alps and The Anders.

Sometimes, Mohannad Barakat v GMC also takes ardent interest in fishing, diving and snorkeling. His favorite fish is swordfish which is very difficult to catch. He also likes diving and snorkeling. He always carry safety equipment while performing any adventure activity and also recommends people to do the same to avoid any dangerous situation especially during mountain climbs. Not only this, great enthusiasm for learning and experiencing new delights from the Asian, Middle Eastern and European cuisines. He makes a point of visiting many different cultures to learn about their religions and customs ranging from the Buddhist teachings to the Hindu customs. He lives his life to the best.


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