Mohannad Barakat Is An Active Social Welfare Worker

Mohannad Barakat is a doctor by profession who specializes in Trauma and Orthopaedics and is expert at performing any kind of trauma and elective surgery. This doctor has another side as a social worker who is an active member in the society and works dedicatedly in the interest and the welfare of the people. From the last so many years, he has been involved in the politics who takes a proactive interest in promoting human rights and protecting civil liberties. Serving the different needs of the society is his passion or hobby, whatever you can say. He organizes campaigns, marches and petitions from time to time to fulfill human rights issues.

Mohannad Barakat not only takes part in political campaigns but also encourages public to attend such campaigns and know useful insights about human rights issues. His works are highly appreciated within the community. He works to influence the decision making process of public towards right politics. He has worked in the areas of education, providing basic amenities, medical help, legal assistance and more to people who were in need. He has been working in this field to bring better exposure and attention to the human who are deprived of their basic human rights. He believes that lack of knowledge and awareness makes most people deprive of their rights so he strives hard to encourage public by attending campaigns.

Other than this, Mohannad Barakat has travelled to many countries to learn and know about different religions. From his travelling experience, he came to about various cultures and came to know about the basic human rights of individuals. He has organized many life campaigns and he also became successful in influencing the decision making power of many people. He is also a very dedicated and support providing social activist and contributes to five charities, and contributes some part of his earnings towards them. Those charities include old age and cancer research.


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