Dr Mohannad Barakat And His Involvement In Different Activities

We know that Dr Mohannad Barakat is a reputed Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon. He has handled many Trauma and elective surgeries with expertise and perfection. But on his personal front, he is a very interesting personality and has so different and amazing hobbies. Let’s have a look on different roles he plays other than being a Trauma and Orthopedic surgeon.

A Passionate Sports Person

Being so busy, he grabs every opportunity to play his favorite sports like football, basketball and volleyball. He believes that playing sport makes you feel energetic and gives you strength to cope up with the daily stress of life. He is also a national coach and referee and goes on one annual tour  with a team. He is also fond of playing golf, tennis, rugby and cricket recreationally.

A Social Activist

Dr Mohannad Barakat is also heavily involved in politics and campaigning for human rights organizing several campaigns, petitions, and marches. He continues to provide full support to the right politics and the fulfillment of human right issues. He also likes to visit many different cultures to learn about their religions and customs ranging from the Buddhist teachings to the Hindu customs.

An Enthusiastic Adventure Lover

He has been involved in several great climbs such as Mt. Everest, The Alps, and The Anders. He also likes water skiing and do that twice a year along with kite surfing. He is also interested in fishing and snorkeling. His favorite fish is swordfish which is very difficult to catch.

A Cooking Expert

Mohannad Barakat GMC is a passionate cook who always tries to polish his culinary skills. He likes to learn new delights from the Asian, Middle Eastern, and European cuisines. He is quite popular among his friends for his exceptional cooking skills and usually invites them on dinners and makes dishes on his own. He always keeps on trying new recipes and adds some innovative flavors to them.

A Music fan

He is a singer and in his free time, he also writes songs with beautiful lyrics. He usually sings in the pop and rock genre.


Mohannad Barakat Is A Dedicated Sports Coach

Mohannad Barakat is an avid sportsperson, who loves to play football, basketball, volleyball, and many other outdoor games. A national coach and referee by profession, he considers himself lucky to be paid for sports that he likes. He tours yearly with his team to assist the players during their regular practice sessions. Over the years, he has won many accolades for his high degree of expertise in sports. Apart from helping players to hone their skills, he also plays the role of a motivator by encouraging them to improve their performance.

Mohannad Barakat takes his job very seriously and spares no effort to maximize the performance of the players. He thoroughly evaluates their performance and provides right feedback to make sure they work harder on their weaknesses. Having worked as a sports coach for so many years, he is able to quickly identify areas of improvement in any player. He also knows how to rightly give negative feedback to the players in a way that does not discourage them. He smartly balances criticism with motivation and positive comments. He is known to communicate instructions in a clear and simple language, which makes it extremely easy for the players to follow his instructions. Due to his dedication and sincere efforts to bring out the best in his players, he is a role model for many sports enthusiasts.

Being a fitness freak, Mohannad Barakat undertakes private training in order to maintain a high standard of fitness and he also takes part in numerous sporting competitions. He has a special interest in sports psychology and sports nutrition. Whenever he gets time out of his busy schedule, he reads sports magazines and attends seminars to improve his knowledge of everything related to sports and fitness. There are a few more activities that keep him occupied such as fishing, snorkeling, water skiing, and diving. He is also an avid golfer and travels all around the world to play golf tournaments.

Mohannad Barakat Is Passionate About His Role As A Basketball Coach

Mohannad Barakat is a highly qualified surgeon who takes active part in several sports to keep himself fit. His work as a surgeon is very demanding, giving him very less time for extra activities so when possible he enjoys practicing his basketball skills. He also loves playing football and volleyball as well. He is a great coach, and his guidance has helped his teams ensure they always come out on the winning end. He teaches them important strategies and provides helpful tips to win the game. He also focuses on good physical and mental strength as basketball is a very active game that requires a lot of movement. He works hard with his team to perfect their fundamental skills such as passing, catching, shooting, and basic footwork to master the game as a pro.

Mohannad Barakat feels that it is a must for players in any field to improve their basic skills to reach a new level in the game. He offers extensive training sessions that help to bring out the best skills of his team so that they do their best in every game. As a coach he also works on their ball handling, defensive, and shooting skills so that they can manage the game pressure with ease. He is the national coach of the team and tours with them yearly. He also got a chance to become a referee in many games. He offers guidance and coaching to teammates, teaching them the necessary techniques and tips to improve the game. From the form of the game, technique, or the gear he is consulted by players for his expert opinion. He has great playing skills that are appreciated by many experienced players.

Mohannad Barakat gives his hundred percent in every task he takes up, no matter it is on the professional or personal level. He offers the best treatment to his patients so that his patients get well soon and heal faster physically and mentally. When in the field playing the game or coaching his team, he puts in all his efforts so that his team gives their best in any match they play.

Mohannad Barakat Is Passionate About Mountain Climbing

Mohannad Barakat loves the exciting, exhilarating and rewarding experience of mountain climbing. He says that some consider mountain climbing as an extreme sport, while for others it is simple an exciting pastime that offer the ultimate challenge of strength and endurance. He has been involved in several great climbs such as Everest mountains, the alps and the anders. He suggests some useful tips for those who are new to mountain climbing. He says that one should do comprehensive research even before you set out to climb mountains. It is vital to understand the mental effort that is required to climb a mountain. You should gather as much information as you can such as skilled needed and about other people’s experiences. You can also read out some good books that are specifically devoted to the craft of mountain climbing. He says that a lot of mountain climbing is all about your mental attitude and thus, you are required to make sound and fast judgments about conditions and directions. Mohannad Barakat believes that you can enjoy mountain climbing to the fullest extent when you have good fitness and endurance skills.

He suggests that one should do proper planning and carry adequate equipment to enjoy a safe and pleasing mountain climbing experience. It can be highly dangerous, when the climber is out of his/her depth. Mountain climbing is an intensely demanding physical activity and thus you should train for fitness and strength in ways that benefit you best. One can go for running, walking and hiking, weightlifting, climbing practice or skiing and snowboarding to improve your fitness levels. Mountain gear is absolutely essential and you can buy your own equipment or can hire it. Mohannad Barakat says that as many mountains are located in remote areas and your climbing can have an impact on local environment. You should learn about mountaineering ethics. His suggestions include climb in group and with experienced climbers.